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Security scanner for your Terraform code.

tfsec uses static analysis of your terraform code to spot potential misconfigurations.

- Checks for misconfigurations across all major (and some minor) cloud providers
- Hundreds of built-in rules
- Scans modules (local and remote)
- Evaluates HCL expressions as well as literal values
- valuates Terraform functions e.g. concat()
- Evaluates relationships between Terraform resources
- Compatible with the Terraform CDK
- Applies (and embellishes) user-defined Rego policies
- Supports multiple output formats: lovely (default), JSON, SARIF, CSV, CheckStyle, JUnit, text, Gif.
- Configurable (via CLI flags and/or config file)
- Very fast, capable of quickly scanning huge repositories
- Plugins for popular IDEs available (JetBrains, VSCode and Vim)
- Community-driven - come and chat with us on Slack!