Add a tool

To register a tool to be listed in, please use the following process:

1/ Be sure to carefully read the guidelines first.

2/ Open a new issue on GitHub.

3/ The title of the issue is the name of the tool as it will be displayed in with the prefix [addtool]

4/ The issue should provide the following informations:

  • [homepage]homepage of the tool (required)[/homepage]
  • [extra_link]an extra link to the tool (optional)[/extra_link]
  • [tags]list of tags separated by comma (required)[/tags]
  • [short_descr]short description of the tool (max:100) (required)[/short_descr]
  • [long_descr]a bigger description (optional)[/long_descr]
  • [image]an image attached OR a link (required)[/image]

5/ Submit the issue.

6/ The issue will be handled by the bot and the tool confirmed after human check.
Note that the team reserves the right to change any details.