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The ultimate framework for your cyber security operations.

Parrot Security Edition is a special purpose operating system designed for Penetration Test and Red Team operations. It contains a full arsenal of ready to use pentesting tools. Also, it is available for amd64 architectures and also in OVA format (amd64 only) and for UTM (Apple Silicon).

Full Office Suite:
Pre-installed LibreOffice, and possibility to install other softwares via the Synaptic package manager.

Multimedia Production:
Pre-installed VLC, GIMP and a whole repository from which to install other software such as OBS, Blender, Kdenlive, Krita and more!

Anonymity tools:
AnonSurf, TOR, Firefox pre-installed Ad-blockers.

Full disk encryption and all encryption tools including zulucrypt, sirikali... at your fingertips!

Lots of penetration testing tools, all already installed, including Powersploit, Scapy, Rizin and more!

Development Tools:
VSCodium and Geany. You can start developing what you want.