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LDAP Relay Scan

LDAP Relay Scan

Check for LDAP protections regarding the relay of NTLM authentication.

There are a couple server-side protections when attempting to relay NTLM authentication LDAP on Domain Controllers. The LDAP protections this tools attempts to enumerate include:
- LDAPS - channel binding
- LDAP - server signing requirements

The enforcement of channel binding for LDAP over SSL/TLS can be determined from an unauthenticated perspective. This is because the error associated with an LDAP client lacking the ability to conduct channel binding properly will occur before credentials are validated during the LDAP bind process.

However, to determine if the server-side protection of standard LDAP is enforced (server signing integrity requirements) the clients credential's must first be validated during the LDAP bind. The potential error identifying the enforcement of this protection is identified from an authenticated perspective.

The tool has two methods, LDAPS (the default), and BOTH. LDAPS only requires a domain controller IP address, because this check can be preformed unauthenticated. The BOTH method will require a username and password or NT hash. The Active Directory domain is not required, it will be determine via anonymous LDAP bind.