LDAP Relay Scan on offsec.tools
LDAP Relay Scan

Check for LDAP protections regarding the relay of NTLM authentication.

Hash Muncher on offsec.tools
Hash Muncher

Grab NetNTLMv2 hashes using ETW with administrative rights on Windows.

dumpcreds on offsec.tools

May be used to extract various credentials from running processes.

NTLMRecon on offsec.tools

Enumerate information from NTLM authentication enabled web endpoints.

pypykatz on offsec.tools

Mimikatz implementation in pure Python.

KeyTabExtract on offsec.tools

Extracts Key Values from .keytab files.

RidRelay on offsec.tools

Enumerate usernames on a domain where you have no creds by using SMB relay.

l0phtcrack on offsec.tools

Crack Windows passwords from hashes.

mimikatz on offsec.tools

A little tool to play with Windows security.

Ophcrack on offsec.tools

Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables.

evil SSDP on offsec.tools
evil SSDP

Spoof SSDP replies to phish for credentials and NetNTLM challenge/response.

Burp NTLM Challenge Decoder on offsec.tools
Burp NTLM Challenge Decoder

Burp extension to decode NTLM SSP headers and extract domain/host information.