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Get your favourite Kali Linux tools on Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint.
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Katoolin3 brings all programs available in Kali Linux to Debian and Ubuntu. This program is a port of katoolin from LionSec to python3. Katoolin3 offers several improvements over katoolin:

- Up to date packages
The old katoolin uses an outdated package list. Katoolin3 always keeps its package list up to date.

- Improved handling of missing packages
The old katoolin breaks if a package isn't available in the repositories anymore. Katoolin3 detects those and simply ignores them.

- Removal of packages
You can now remove all packages installed by katoolin3 (individually or all at once).

- Upgrading wont break your system anymore
...because the Kali repositories only get enabled during the runtime of katoolin3.

- Better utilization of the APT ecosystem
The old katoolin does potentially dangerous operations such as modifying and deleting important system configuration files. This has been changed.

- Easier maintenance of Kalis packages
The old katoolin makes it difficult to add new packages to the package list due to the way katoolin was programmed. Maintaining the package list is now a lot easier.

- Cleaner code
Due to poor code quality katoolin was unmaintainable and had to be rewritten from scratch. katoolin3 aims to be more readable and easier to maintain.