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CDN Proxy

CDN Proxy

Create a copy of a targeted website with CDN and WAF restrictions disabled.

cdn-proxy is a set of tools for bypassing IP allow listing intended to restrict origin access to requests originating from shared CDNs.

Bypassing protections at the CDN layer through direct access is well documented, however a common response to prevent the issue is to set up IP allow listing from the CDNs shared network range. Because shared CDNs use a common pool of IPs for origin requests these IP restrictions can be bypassed by routing traffic through a second attacker controlled distribution on the same network.

When configuration of this second (proxy) distribution is controlled by the attacker requests are not subject to the same security requirements as the intended distribution. WAFs, ratelimiting, filtering, and any authentication implemented in the intended distribution will not apply for requests passing through the proxy distribution.

Requests passing through the distribution may also be controlled by the attacker to some extend, however this depends largely on configuration options available. In the case of CloudFront some parts of the request as well as the intended origin can be controlled by code in a Lambda@Edge function, this allows for controlling the X-Forwarded-For header potentially allowing for IPs to be spoofed in the backend web app as well as quickly scanning a large number of origins to determine if they are susceptible to this attack.