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A lightweight web security auditing toolkit.

Built from the ground up in Rust, Caido aims to help security professionals and enthusiasts audit web applications with efficiency and ease.

Powerful Exploration Features:
Efficiently identify vulnerabilities and analyze requests in real-time with Caido's feature-rich sitemap, history, and intercept tools.

Request Modification on the Fly:
Modify incoming requests with Caido's Forward and Tamper tools to customize your testing and better understand the security of your target system.

Find vulnerabilities faster with Caido's Automate tool, giving you the ability to customize and test requests against large wordlists.

An Intuitive UI:
Caido's user-friendly interface makes security testing more efficient with intuitive controls and clear navigation for professionals and beginners alike.

Manage your projects: organize your security testing workflow with Caido's ability to easily save and switch between projects.
Client/Server architecture: get more versatility in your security testing with Caido's ability to run on any device or VPS.
Grid-based system: customize your security testing experience with Caido's grid-based system, which allows you to adjust the layout and organization of various features to suit your needs.