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Bugcrowd VRT

Bugcrowd VRT

Bugcrowd’s baseline priority ratings for common security vulnerabilities.

Bugcrowd's VRT outlines Bugcrowd's baseline technical severity rating – taking into account potential differences among edge cases – for common vulnerability classes. To arrive at this baseline technical severity rating for a given vulnerability, Bugcrowd's application security engineers started with the generally-accepted industry guideline and further considered the vulnerability's average acceptance rate, average priority, and frequency on business use case specific exclusions lists across all of Bugcrowd's programs.

It is important to remember that while the recommended priority, from P1 to P5 might apply without context, it’s possible that application complexity, bounty brief restrictions or unusual impact could result in a different rating.

Bugcrowd welcomes community feedback and direct contributions to the Bugcrowd VRT.