A vast collection of security tools for bug bounty, pentest and red teaming


Chaos on offsec.tools

Collect and maintain internet-wide assets data for public Bug Bounty programs.

ScopeHunter on offsec.tools

Command-line tool for finding in-scope targets for bug bounty programs.

bbscope on offsec.tools

Scope gathering tool for multiple Bug Bounty platforms.

The XSS rat on offsec.tools
The XSS rat

The XSS rat YouTube channel.

LiveOverflow on offsec.tools

LiveOverflow YouTube channel.

Awesome Bug Bounty on offsec.tools
Awesome Bug Bounty

A comprehensive curated list of available Bug Bounty & disclosure programs and writeups.

Bug Bounty Reference on offsec.tools
Bug Bounty Reference

A list of Bug Bounty writeups that is categorized by the bug nature.

Awesome BugBounty Writeups on offsec.tools
Awesome BugBounty Writeups

A curated list of bugbounty writeups (Bug type wise).

open-sesame on offsec.tools

Contains HackerOne disclosed reports and other bug bounty writeups.

AllAboutBugBounty on offsec.tools

Bug Bounty notes gathered from various sources.

h1-search on offsec.tools

Request the public disclosures on a specific HackerOne program.

Bugcrowd VRT on offsec.tools
Bugcrowd VRT

Bugcrowd’s baseline priority ratings for common security vulnerabilities.

Bug Bounty Guide on offsec.tools
Bug Bounty Guide

Launchpad for bug bounty programs and bug bounty hunters.

STÖK Fredrik on offsec.tools
STÖK Fredrik

STÖK Fredrik YouTube channel.

NahamSec on offsec.tools

NahamSec Twitch channel.

BugBountyHunter on offsec.tools

Helping you become a BugBountyHunter.

bounty-targets-data on offsec.tools

Hourly-updated data dumps of bug bounty platform scopes that are eligible for reports.

bountyplz on offsec.tools

Automated security reporting from markdown templates.