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Distribute the workload of many different scanning tools with ease.

Axiom is a dynamic infrastructure framework to efficiently work with multi-cloud environments, build and deploy repeatable infrastructure focused on offensive and defensive security.

Axiom works by pre-installing your tools of choice onto a 'base image', and then using that image to deploy fresh instances. From there, you can connect and instantly gain access to many tools useful for both bug hunters and pentesters. With the power of immutable infrastructure, most of which is done for you, you can just spin up 15 boxes, perform a distributed nmap/ffuf/screenshotting scan, and then shut them down.

Because you can create many disposable instances very easily, axiom allows you to distribute scans of many different tools (full list here). Once installed and setup, you can distribute a scan of a large set of targets across 100-150 instances within minutes and get results extremely quickly. This is called axiom-scan.

Axiom supports several cloud providers, eventually, axiom should be completely cloud agnostic allowing unified control of a wide variety of different cloud environments with ease. Currently, DigitalOcean, IBM Cloud, Linode, Azure and AWS are officially supported providers.