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A damn vulnerable AWS infrastructure.

Compromising an organization's cloud infrastructure is like sitting on a gold mine for attackers. And sometimes, a simple misconfiguration or a vulnerability in web applications, is all an attacker needs to compromise the entire infrastructure. Since the cloud is relatively new, many developers are not fully aware of the threatscape and they end up deploying a vulnerable cloud infrastructure.

AWSGoat is a vulnerable by design infrastructure on AWS featuring the latest released OWASP Top 10 web application security risks (2021) and other misconfiguration based on services such as IAM, S3, API Gateway, Lambda, EC2, and ECS. AWSGoat mimics real-world infrastructure but with added vulnerabilities. It features multiple escalation paths and is focused on a black-box approach.

AWSGoat uses IaC (Terraform) to deploy the vulnerable cloud infrastructure on the user's AWS account. This gives the user complete control over code, infrastructure, and environment. Using AWSGoat, the user can learn/practice:
- Cloud Pentesting/Red-teaming
- Auditing IaC
- Secure Coding
- Detection and mitigation

The project will be divided into modules and each module will be a separate web application, powered by varied tech stacks and development practices. It will leverage IaC through terraform and GitHub actions to ease the deployment process.