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Weekly newsletter n°25

A vast collection of security tools for bug bounty, pentest and red teaming is a vast listing of security tools designed to help pentesters and bug hunters in their daily task. The list is organized by tags and provide a quick search engine. The list is feeded by the author and the community. Anyone can add a tool and be listed as a contributor, feel free to check the GitHub repository.

Dear hackers,

Few days ago I started working on a new design, here are some improvements you would notice on the website:
- tags bar removed and replaced by a single tags page
- awesome backgrounds added
- a footer has been added
- the random tool feature has been replaced by the surprise page
- many minor changes to improve the UX and the whole look

Regarding the backgrounds, thanks to the early artists, you can send me your own artwork and get credit for it.

Happy hacking my friends :)
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Tools featured this week

Storm breaker
Social engineering tool, access eebcam & microphone & location finder.
Collect useful information from urls, directories, and files.
File upload restrictions bypass by using different techniques!
A framework for layer 2 attacks.
Dynamic instrumentation toolkit for developers, reverse-engineers, and security researchers.
Learn Web Penetration Testing: The Right Way.
A tool for automated security scanning of web applications.
Burpsuite extension for beautifying request/response body.
Small script to check a list of domains against open redirect vulnerability.
Fast, easy to use tool for analyzing, reverse engineering, and extracting firmware images.

Tools added last week

A plugin-based scanner that aids security researchers in identifying issues with several CMSs.

OSINT tool to find breached emails, databases, pastes, and relevant information.

Denial of Service Toolkit.

Deep reinforcement learning instrumenting bettercap for WiFi pwning.

Android application to brute force WiFi passwords without requiring a rooted device.

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