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Collect useful information from urls, directories, and files.

Full fledged scraping tool for artifact retrieval from multiple sources.
Hamburglar also has the option of checking against file signatures during a hexdump.

Hamburglar Lite:
Multithreaded and recursive directory scraping script. Stores useful information with the filepath and finding. Hamburglar lite will never require external packages, and will always remain as a single script. Setup is as simple as requesting the file and using it.
This is designed to be quickly downloaded and executed on a machine.

- Directory Traversal
- Single File Analysis
- YARA Rule Based Analysis
- Git Scraping Mode
- Web Request Mode
- IOC Extraction
- Hex Dump Mode
- Binary analysis

The Hamburglar can find:
- ipv4 addresses
- emails
- private keys
- urls
- ioc's
- cryptocurrency addresses
- anything you can imagine using regex filters and yara rules