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Tunneling over websocket protocol - Static binary available.

Most of the time when you are using a public network, you are behind some kind of firewall or proxy. One of their purpose is to constrain you to only use certain kind of protocols. Nowadays, the most widespread protocol is http and is de facto allowed by third party equipment.

This tool understands this fact and uses the websocket protocol which is compatible with http in order to bypass firewalls and proxies. Wstunnel allows you to tunnel what ever traffic you want.

What to expect:
- Good error messages and debug informations
- Static tunneling (TCP and UDP)
- Dynamic tunneling (socks5 proxy)
- Support for http proxy (when behind one)
- Support for tls/https server (with embedded self signed certificate, see comment in the example section)
- Support IPv6
- Standalone binary for linux x86_64 (so just cp it where you want)
- Standalone archive for windows