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A pentest reporting tool.

WriteHat is a reporting tool which removes Microsoft Word (and many hours of suffering) from the reporting process. Markdown --> HTML --> PDF. Created by penetration testers, for penetration testers - but can be used to generate any kind of report. Written in Django (Python 3).

- Effortlessly generate beautiful pentest reports
- On-the-fly drag-and-drop report builder
- Markdown support - including code blocks, tables, etc.
- Crop, annotate, caption, and upload images
- Customizable report background / footer
- Assign operators and track statuses for individual report sections
- Ability to clone and template reports
- Findings database
- Supports multiple scoring types (CVSS 3.1, DREAD)
- Can easily generate multiple reports from the same set of findings
- Extensible design enables power users to craft highly-customized report sections
- LDAP integration