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A very simple webhook server launching shell scripts.

You have several ways to provide parameters to your webhook script:
- URL request parameters are converted to script variables
- HTTP headers are converted to script variables
- Request body (depending the Media Type)

Webhook URL:
The directory structure define the webhook URL. Webhookd will search by default for a shell file, if the script exists, the output will be streamed to the HTTP response.

Webhook timeout configuration:
By default a webhook has a timeout of 10 seconds. This timeout is globally configurable by setting.

Webhook logs:
webhook logs are stream in real time during the call. However, you can retrieve the logs of a previous call by using the hook ID.

Post hook notifications:
The output of the script is collected and stored into a log file. Once the script is executed, you can send the result and this log file to a notification channel.

You can restrict access to webhooks using HTTP basic authentication.

You can ensure message integrity (and authenticity) by signing HTTP requests.

You can activate TLS to secure communications: