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Browser extension that extracts users from LinkedIn company pages.

Scrapes employees from a LinkedIn company page, performs a number of clean up steps to remove any junk and then generates a range of possible username formats so they can be used in username enumeration and password attacks.

- Option to retrieve headline, subline and handle for each user
- Option to generate short name versions of users for common names such as Jonathan -> John
- Clean up steps
- Normalises any NFD characters for example ó to o
- Removes any none printable ASCII characters
- Downloads a wordlist and removes postnominals
- Downloads a wordlist and removes honorifics
- Removes any data after a comma or curly bracket
- Removes the dot that follows a hidden surname
- Attempts to identify the first and last name of user
- Identifies any common surname prefixes and appends to surname
- Converts to lowercase and trims any redundant white space