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Agent-less vulnerability scanner.

For a system administrator, having to perform security vulnerability analysis and software update on a daily basis can be a burden. To avoid downtime in a production environment, it is common for a system administrator to choose not to use the automatic update option provided by the package manager and to perform update manually.

This leads to the following problems:
- The system administrator will have to constantly watch out for any new vulnerabilities in NVD (National Vulnerability Database) or similar databases.
- It might be impossible for the system administrator to monitor all the software if there are a large number of software packages installed in the server.
- It is expensive to perform analysis to determine the servers affected by new vulnerabilities. The possibility of overlooking a server or two during analysis is there.

Vuls is a tool created to solve the problems listed above. It has the following characteristics:
- Informs users of the vulnerabilities that are related to the system.
- Informs users of the servers that are affected.
- Vulnerability detection is done automatically to prevent any oversight.
- A report is generated on a regular basis using CRON or other methods. to manage vulnerability.