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Hide any type of files inside a image of your choice using steganography.

- File Hiding: Hide any type of file within an image of your choice, without altering the image's visual appearance.
- Decoding Capability: Decode hidden files from images.
- Image Comparison: Visualize the difference between two images.
- Detailed Logging: Create a log file that records comprehensive information about the program's execution.
- Command-Line Interface (CLI): Offers a developer-friendly mode with command-line options for more advanced usage.
- User Interface (UI): Provides an intuitive and easy-to-use mode for non-developers.
- Open After Decoding: Automatically open the decoded file after extracting it from the image.
- Cross-Platform: Works on Windows, Linux, and macOS.
- Free and Open-Source: Van Gonography is completely free and open-source, and will always be.
- Encryption: Encrypt the hidden file with a password of your choice (coming soon).
- Compression: Compress the hidden file to reduce its size (coming soon).
- Multiple Files: Hide multiple files inside an image (coming soon).
- Stealth Mode: Hide the fact that the image contains a hidden file (coming soon).
- User settings: Save your preferences for future use.