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HTTP file upload scanner for Burp Proxy.

While the extension has various interesting features in its various modules, one of the main features is:

1/ Taking a small gif, png, jpeg, tiff, pdf, zip and mp4 file
2/ If it’s an image, resize the image (sizes are UI options)
3/ If it’s an image, give it a random new color
4/ If the file format supports it, use the exiftool file format meta data techniques "keywords", "comment", "iptc:keywords", "xmp:keywords", "exif:ImageDescription" and "ThumbnailImage" ...
5/ ... to inject PHP, JSP, ASP, XXE, SSRF, XXS and SSI payloads ...
6/ ... then upload with various combinations of file extensions and content-types ...
7/ ... to detect issues via sleep based payloads, Burp Collaborator interactions or by downloading the file again