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Fast and lightweight UDP scanner that supports the discovery of many services.

Fast and lightweight, UDPX is a single-packet UDP scanner written in Go that supports the discovery of over 45 services with the ability to add custom ones. It is easy to use and portable, and can be run on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. Unlike internet-wide scanners like zgrab2 and zmap, UDPX is designed for portability and ease of use.

* It is fast. It can scan whole /16 network in ~20 seconds for a single service.
* You don't need to instal libpcap or any other dependencies.
* Can run on Linux, Mac Os, Windows. Or your Nethunter if you built it for Arm.
* Customizable. You can add your probes and test for even more protocols.
* Stores results in JSONL format.
* Scans also domain names.