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People tracker on the Internet: OSINT analysis and research tool.

LOCATOR OPTIMIZATION: Trace the path between you and the target you're tracking. Each time you make a move, the path will be updated, the location of the target is obtained silently through a bypass made in the browsers, allowing you to skip the location request on the victim's side, and at the same time maintain a precision of 99% in the locator.

APPROACH: When you're close to the target, Trape will tell you.

REST API: Generates an API (random or custom), and through this you can control and monitor other Web sites on the Internet remotely, getting the traffic of all visitors.

PROCESS HOOKS: Manages social engineering attacks or processes in the target's browser.

PUBLIC NETWORK TUNNEL: Trape has its own API that is linked to to allow the automatic management of public network tunnels; So you can publish the content of your trape server which is executed locally to the Internet, to manage hooks or public attacks.

CLICK ATTACK TO GET CREDENTIALS: Automatically obtains the target credentials, recognizing your connection availability on a social network or Internet service.

NETWORK: You can get information about the user's network.

PROFILE: Brief summary of the target's behavior and important additional information about your device.

USABILITY: You can delete logs and view alerts for each process or action you run against each target.