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Like nmap for mapping wifi networks you're not connected to, plus device tracking.

trackerjacker can help with the following:
- I want to know all the nearby wifi networks and know all the devices connected to each network.
- I want to know who's hogging all the bandwidth.
- I want to run a command when this MAC address sends more than 100000 bytes in a 30 second window
- I want to deauth anyone who uses more than 100000 bytes in a 10 second window.
- I want to deauth every Dropcam in the area so my Airbnb hosts don't spy on me.
- I want to be alerted when any MAC address is seen at a power level greater than -40dBm that I've never seen before.
- I want to see when this particular person is nearby (based on the MAC of their mobile phone) and run a command to alert me.
- I want to write my own plugin to run some script to do something fun every time a new Apple device shows up nearby.