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Crossplatform tool which help to perform static code analysis on mobile applications.

The concept is that you drag and drop your mobile application file on the StaCoAn application and it will generate a visual and portable report for you. You can tweak the settings and wordlists to get a customized experience. The reports contains a handy tree viewer so you can easily browse trough your decompiled application.

Looting concept:
The Loot Function let you 'loot' the findings which are of value for you and on the loot-page you will get an overview of your 'loot' raid.
The final report can be exported to a zip file and shared with other people.

The application uses wordlists for finding interesting lines in the code.

Any source file will be processed. This contains .java, .js, .html, .xml, ...
Database-files are also searched for keywords. The database also has a table viewer.

Responsive Design:
The reports are made to fit on all screens.