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Social Mapper

Social Mapper

A social media enumeration & correlation tool.

Social Mapper is an Open Source Intelligence Tool that uses facial recognition to correlate social media profiles across different sites on a large scale. It takes an automated approach to search popular social media sites for targets' names and pictures to accurately detect and group a person’s presence, outputting the results into report that a human operator can quickly review.

Social Mapper has a variety of uses in the security industry, for example the automated gathering of large amounts of social media profiles for use on targeted phishing campaigns. Facial recognition aids this process by removing false positives in the search results, so that reviewing this data is quicker for a human operator.

Social Mapper supports the following social media platforms:
- LinkedIn
- Facebook
- Pinterest
- Twitter
- Google Plus
- Instagram
- VKontakte
- Weibo
- Douban

Social Mapper takes a variety of input types such as:
- An organisation's name, searching via LinkedIn
- A folder full of named images
- A CSV file with names and URL’s to images online