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A tool to help at finding delicious candy needles in a bunch of horrible boring haystacks.

Broadly speaking - it gets a list of Windows computers from Active Directory, then spreads out its snaffly appendages to them all to figure out which ones have file shares, and whether you can read them.

Then YET MORE snaffly appendages enumerate all the files in those shares and use LEARNED ARTIFACTUAL INTELLIGENCE for MACHINES to figure out which ones a grubby little hacker like you might want.

Actually it doesn't do any ML stuff, because doing that right would require training data, and that would require an enormous amount of time that we don't have. Instead, like all good "ML" projects, it just uses a shitload of if statements and regexen.

Snaffler uses a system of "classifiers", each of which examine shares or folders or files or file contents, passing some items downstream to the next classifier, and discarding others. Each classifier uses a set of rules to decide what to do with the items it classifies.