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Attack clients through file content swapping and compromise any data passed in cleartext.

In SMB connections, the security mechanisms protecting the integrity of the data passed between the server and the client are SMB signing and encryption. The signatures in on SMB packets when SMB signing is used are based on keys derived from information sent over the net in cleartext during the authentication phase, as well the user's password. If the password of the user is known, an attacker can re-create the SessionBaseKey and all other SMB keys and leverage them to modify SMB packets and re-sign them so that they are treated as valid and legitimate packets by the server and client. Additionally, signing is disabled by default on most everything except for domain controllers, so the need to break the signatures is rare.

This goal of this tool is to switch the aim of MiTM on SMB from attacking the server through relayed connections, to attacking the client through malicious files and backdoored/replaced data when the oppertunity strikes. Finally, since encryption is rarely ever used, at the bare minimum this tool allows for the stealing of files passed in cleartext over the network - which can prove useful for system enumeration, or damaging if the data intercepted is sensitive in nature (PCI, PII, etc).

- Passively download any file sent over the wire in cleartext
- Downgrade clients to NTLMv2 instead of Kerberos
- Inject files into directories when view by a client
- Replace all files with a LNK with the same name to execute a provided command upon clicking
- Replace only executable files with a LNK with the same name to execute a provided command upon clicking
- Replace files with extension X with the contents of the file with extension X in the local provided directory
- Replace files with the case-insensitive name X with the contents of the file sharing hte same name in the provided directory