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Adversary emulation framework.

Sliver is an open source cross-platform adversary emulation/red team framework, it can be used by organizations of all sizes to perform security testing. Sliver's implants support C2 over Mutual TLS (mTLS), WireGuard, HTTP(S), and DNS and are dynamically compiled with per-binary asymmetric encryption keys.

- Dynamic code generation
- Compile-time obfuscation
- Multiplayer-mode
- Staged and Stageless payloads
- Procedurally generated C2 over HTTP(S)
- DNS canary blue team detection
- Secure C2 over mTLS, WireGuard, HTTP(S), and DNS
- Fully scriptable using JavaScript/TypeScript or Python
- Windows process migration, process injection, user token manipulation, etc.
- Let's Encrypt integration
- In-memory .NET assembly execution
- COFF/BOF in-memory loader
- TCP and named pipe pivots
- Much more!