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Static analyzer for Solidity.

Slither is a Solidity static analysis framework written in Python3. It runs a suite of vulnerability detectors, prints visual information about contract details, and provides an API to easily write custom analyses. Slither enables developers to find vulnerabilities, enhance their code comprehension, and quickly prototype custom analyses.

- Detects vulnerable Solidity code with low false positives (see the list of trophies)
- Identifies where the error condition occurs in the source code
- Easily integrates into continuous integration and Hardhat/Foundry builds
- Built-in 'printers' quickly report crucial contract information
- Detector API to write custom analyses in Python
- Ability to analyze contracts written with Solidity >= 0.4
- Intermediate representation (SlithIR) enables simple, high-precision analyses
- Correctly parses 99.9% of all public Solidity code
- Average execution time of less than 1 second per contract
- Integrates with Github's code scanning in CI