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Performs security oriented safety checks relevant from offensive/defensive security perspectives.

Available commands (+ means remote usage is supported):
+ AMSIProviders - Providers registered for AMSI
+ AntiVirus - Registered antivirus (via WMI)
+ AppLocker - AppLocker settings, if installed
ARPTable - Lists the current ARP table and adapter information (equivalent to arp -a)
AuditPolicies - Enumerates classic and advanced audit policy settings
+ AuditPolicyRegistry - Audit settings via the registry
+ AutoRuns - Auto run executables/scripts/programs
azuread - Return AzureAD info
Certificates - Finds user and machine personal certificate files
CertificateThumbprints - Finds thumbprints for all certificate store certs on the system
+ ChromiumBookmarks - Parses any found Chrome/Edge/Brave/Opera bookmark files
+ ChromiumHistory - Parses any found Chrome/Edge/Brave/Opera history files
+ ChromiumPresence - Checks if interesting Chrome/Edge/Brave/Opera files exist
+ CloudCredentials - AWS/Google/Azure/Bluemix cloud credential files
+ CloudSyncProviders - All configured Office 365 endpoints (tenants and teamsites) which are synchronised by OneDrive.
CredEnum - Enumerates the current user's saved credentials using CredEnumerate()
+ CredGuard - CredentialGuard configuration
dir - Lists files/folders. By default, lists users' downloads, documents, and desktop folders (arguments == [directory] [maxDepth] [regex] [boolIgnoreErrors]
+ DNSCache - DNS cache entries (via WMI)
+ DotNet - DotNet versions
+ DpapiMasterKeys - List DPAPI master keys
EnvironmentPath - Current environment %PATH$ folders and SDDL information
+ EnvironmentVariables - Current environment variables
+ ExplicitLogonEvents - Explicit Logon events (Event ID 4648) from the security event log. Default of 7 days, argument == last X days.
ExplorerMRUs - Explorer most recently used files (last 7 days, argument == last X days)
+ ExplorerRunCommands - Recent Explorer "run" commands
FileInfo - Information about a file (version information, timestamps, basic PE info, etc. argument(s) == file path(s)
+ FileZilla - FileZilla configuration files
+ FirefoxHistory - Parses any found FireFox history files
+ FirefoxPresence - Checks if interesting Firefox files exist
+ Hotfixes - Installed hotfixes (via WMI)
IdleTime - Returns the number of seconds since the current user's last input.
+ IEFavorites - Internet Explorer favorites
IETabs - Open Internet Explorer tabs
+ IEUrls - Internet Explorer typed URLs (last 7 days, argument == last X days)
+ InstalledProducts - Installed products via the registry
InterestingFiles - "Interesting" files matching various patterns in the user's folder. Note: takes non-trivial time.
+ InterestingProcesses - "Interesting" processes - defensive products and admin tools
InternetSettings - Internet settings including proxy configs and zones configuration
+ KeePass - Finds KeePass configuration files
+ LAPS - LAPS settings, if installed
+ LastShutdown - Returns the DateTime of the last system shutdown (via the registry).
LocalGPOs - Local Group Policy settings applied to the machine/local users
+ LocalGroups - Non-empty local groups, "-full" displays all groups (argument == computername to enumerate)
+ LocalUsers - Local users, whether they're active/disabled, and pwd last set (argument == computername to enumerate)
+ LogonEvents - Logon events (Event ID 4624) from the security event log. Default of 10 days, argument == last X days.
+ LogonSessions - Windows logon sessions
LOLBAS - Locates Living Off The Land Binaries and Scripts (LOLBAS) on the system. Note: takes non-trivial time.
+ LSASettings - LSA settings (including auth packages)
+ MappedDrives - Users' mapped drives (via WMI)
McAfeeConfigs - Finds McAfee configuration files
McAfeeSiteList - Decrypt any found McAfee SiteList.xml configuration files.
MicrosoftUpdates - All Microsoft updates (via COM)
MTPuTTY - MTPuTTY configuration files
NamedPipes - Named pipe names, any readable ACL information and associated process information.
+ NetworkProfiles - Windows network profiles
+ NetworkShares - Network shares exposed by the machine (via WMI)
+ NTLMSettings - NTLM authentication settings
OfficeMRUs - Office most recently used file list (last 7 days)
OneNote - List OneNote backup files
+ OptionalFeatures - List Optional Features/Roles (via WMI)
OracleSQLDeveloper - Finds Oracle SQLDeveloper connections.xml files
+ OSInfo - Basic OS info (i.e. architecture, OS version, etc.)
+ OutlookDownloads - List files downloaded by Outlook
+ PoweredOnEvents - Reboot and sleep schedule based on the System event log EIDs 1, 12, 13, 42, and 6008. Default of 7 days, argument == last X days.
+ PowerShell - PowerShell versions and security settings
+ PowerShellEvents - PowerShell script block logs (4104) with sensitive data.
+ PowerShellHistory - Searches PowerShell console history files for sensitive regex matches.
Printers - Installed Printers (via WMI)
+ ProcessCreationEvents - Process creation logs (4688) with sensitive data.
Processes - Running processes with file info company names that don't contain 'Microsoft', "-full" enumerates all processes
+ ProcessOwners - Running non-session 0 process list with owners. For remote use.
+ PSSessionSettings - Enumerates PS Session Settings from the registry
+ PuttyHostKeys - Saved Putty SSH host keys
+ PuttySessions - Saved Putty configuration (interesting fields) and SSH host keys
RDCManFiles - Windows Remote Desktop Connection Manager settings files
+ RDPSavedConnections - Saved RDP connections stored in the registry
+ RDPSessions - Current incoming RDP sessions (argument == computername to enumerate)
+ RDPsettings - Remote Desktop Server/Client Settings
RecycleBin - Items in the Recycle Bin deleted in the last 30 days - only works from a user context!
reg - Registry key values (HKLM\Software by default) argument == [Path] [intDepth] [Regex] [boolIgnoreErrors]
RPCMappedEndpoints - Current RPC endpoints mapped
+ SCCM - System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) settings, if applicable
+ ScheduledTasks - Scheduled tasks (via WMI) that aren't authored by 'Microsoft', "-full" dumps all Scheduled tasks
SearchIndex - Query results from the Windows Search Index, default term of 'passsword'. (argument(s) ==
SecPackageCreds - Obtains credentials from security packages
+ SecureBoot - Secure Boot configuration
SecurityPackages - Enumerates the security packages currently available using EnumerateSecurityPackagesA()
Services - Services with file info company names that don't contain 'Microsoft', "-full" dumps all processes
+ SlackDownloads - Parses any found 'slack-downloads' files
+ SlackPresence - Checks if interesting Slack files exist
+ SlackWorkspaces - Parses any found 'slack-workspaces' files
+ SuperPutty - SuperPutty configuration files
+ Sysmon - Sysmon configuration from the registry
+ SysmonEvents - Sysmon process creation logs (1) with sensitive data.
TcpConnections - Current TCP connections and their associated processes and services
TokenGroups - The current token's local and domain groups
TokenPrivileges - Currently enabled token privileges (e.g. SeDebugPrivilege/etc.)
+ UAC - UAC system policies via the registry
UdpConnections - Current UDP connections and associated processes and services
UserRightAssignments - Configured User Right Assignments (e.g. SeDenyNetworkLogonRight, SeShutdownPrivilege, etc.) argument == computername to enumerate
WifiProfile - Enumerates the saved Wifi profiles and extract the ssid, authentication type, cleartext key/passphrase (when possible)
+ WindowsAutoLogon - Registry autologon information
WindowsCredentialFiles - Windows credential DPAPI blobs
+ WindowsDefender - Windows Defender settings (including exclusion locations)
+ WindowsEventForwarding - Windows Event Forwarding (WEF) settings via the registry
+ WindowsFirewall - Non-standard firewall rules, "-full" dumps all (arguments == allow/deny/tcp/udp/in/out/domain/private/public)
WindowsVault - Credentials saved in the Windows Vault (i.e. logins from Internet Explorer and Edge).
+ WMI - Runs a specified WMI query
WMIEventConsumer - Lists WMI Event Consumers
WMIEventFilter - Lists WMI Event Filters
WMIFilterBinding - Lists WMI Filter to Consumer Bindings
+ WSUS - Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) settings, if applicable