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A free and open source Ruby toolkit for security research and development.

Ronin contains many different CLI commands and Ruby libraries for a variety of security tasks, such as encoding/decoding data, filter IPs/hosts/URLs, querying ASNs, querying DNS, HTTP, scanning for web vulnerabilities, spidering websites, install 3rd party repositories of exploits and/or payloads, run exploits, generating new exploits, managing local databases, fuzzing data, and much more.

Who is Ronin for?
- CTF players
- Bug bounty hunters
- Security Researchers
- Security Engineers
- Developers
- Students

What does Ronin provide?
- A toolkit of useful commands.
- A fully-loaded Ruby REPL.
- An ecosystem of high-quality security related Ruby libraries, API, and commands.

What can you do with Ronin?
- Quickly process and query various data using the ronin commands.
- Efficiently work with code and data in the ronin irb Ruby REPL.
- Rapidly prototype Ruby scripts using ronin-support and other ronin libraries.
- Install 3rd-party git repositories of exploits, payloads, or other code, using ronin-repos.
- Import and query data using the ronin-db database.
- Fuzz data using ronin-fuzzer.
- Use common payloads or write your own using ronin-payloads.
- Write/run exploits using ronin-exploits.
- Scan for web vulnerabilities using ronin-vulns.