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A dynamic reverse engineering toolkit.

ReverseKit is a comprehensive toolkit designed to aid reverse engineers in the process of dynamic RE. With a wide range of features and functionalities, it provides an easy-to-use interface and helps you intercept, analyze, and manipulate code and data during runtime.

- Imports information - along with DLL name, function name, and address.
- Intercept all system calls via an instrumentation callback.
- Intercept all commands executed - system(), ShellExecuteEx(), etc.
- Intercept all thread creations - APIs like std::thread, CreateThread(), etc.
- Intercept URLs - APIs like UrlDownloadToFileA and InternetOpenUrlA, etc.
- Threads - lists thread ids along with cpu usage, allows you to suspend them with a button.
- Bypass common debugger checks - CheckRemoteDebugger() and IsDebuggerPresent().
- Anti-BSOD for common usermode BSOD methods which abuse RtlAdjustPrivilege.
- Easy-to-use interface powered by ImGui.
- Hook library with a normal JMP hook and trampoline hook.