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Automated reconnaissance framework for webapps, highly configurable streamlined recon process.

The only web application recon tool you will ever need!

Quickly discover the attack surface, and identify vulnerabilities using highly customizable and powerful scan engines. Enjoy peace of mind with reNgine's continuous monitoring, deeper reconnaissance, and open-source powered Vulnerability Scanner.

What is reNgine?

reNgine is a web application reconnaissance suite with focus on a highly configurable streamlined recon process via Engines, recon data correlation, continuous monitoring, recon data backed by a database, and a simple yet intuitive User Interface. With features such as sub-scan, deeper co-relation, report generation, etc. reNgine aims to fix the gap in the traditional recon tools and probably a better alternative for existing commercial tools.

reNgine makes it easy for penetration testers and security auditors to gather reconnaissance data with bare minimal configuration.