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Open source Django offensive webapp which is keeping the best tools used in the redteaming.

Red Team Toolkit is an Open-Source Django Offensive Web-App containing useful offensive tools used in the red-teaming together for the security specialist to identify vulnerabilities. The cybersecurity open-source projects are integrated which will be a powerful toolkit together.

Currently it supports the following options:
- FullScan (scan ports and vulnerabilities/CVEs on the target - PDF output)
- Livehosts (scan all live hosts in the network scale - PDF output)
- DirScan (scan all directories on a target - PDF output)
- CVE Description ( CveID Search)
- SSH Dictionary Attack
- RDP BruteForce
- WebApps Section
- F5 BIG-IP PoC ( CVE-2022-1388 )
- Apache Path Traversal PoC ( CVE-2021-41773 )
- Automated XSS Finder
- Web Crawler for gathering URLs
- SubDomain Enumeration
- HTTP Verb Tampering
- (SQLi will be added soon)
- ...