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Qualys Cloud Platform

Qualys Cloud Platform

The revolutionary architecture that powers Qualys' IT, security, and compliance cloud apps.

Qualys Cloud Platform gives you a continuous, always-on assessment of your global IT, security, and compliance posture, with 2-second visibility across all your IT assets, wherever they reside. And with automated, built-in threat prioritization, patching and other response capabilities, it’s a complete, end-to-end security solution.

On premises, at endpoints, on mobile, in containers or in the cloud, Qualys Cloud Platform sensors are always on, giving you continuous 2-second visibility of all your IT assets. Remotely deployable, centrally managed and self-updating, the sensors come as physical or virtual appliances, or lightweight agents.

Sensors provide continuous visibility:
- Cloud Agents: servers, endpoints, mobile devices. Works everywhere. The secret to our continuous visibility.
- Remote Scanners: internet facing. Cloud-based scanners for a hacker’s view of your perimeter
- Local Scanners: on-premises hardware scanners for internal networks
- Passive Scanners: real-time network analysis of your data
- Out-of-Band Sensors: secure highly locked-down devices and air-gapped networks
- Container Sensors: secure container environments across build, ship, and run
- Cloud Connectors: collect data from 3rd party cloud platforms and software
- SaaS Connectors: collect data from popular SaaS applications
- APIs: collect data from 3rd parties such as threat intelligence feeds