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Look for several security related Android application vulnerabilities.

QARK is an easy to use tool capable of finding common security vulnerabilities in Android applications. Unlike commercial products, it is 100% free to use. QARK features educational information allowing security reviewers to locate precise, in-depth explanations of the vulnerabilities. QARK automates the use of multiple decompilers, leveraging their combined outputs, to produce superior results, when decompiling APKs. Finally, the major advantage QARK has over traditional tools, that just point you to possible vulnerabilities, is that it can produce ADB commands, or even fully functional APKs, that turn hypothetical vulnerabilities into working "POC" exploits.

Included in the types of security vulnerabilities this tool attempts to find are:
- Inadvertently exported components
- Improperly protected exported components
- Intents which are vulnerable to interception or eavesdropping
- Improper x.509 certificate validation
- Creation of world-readable or world-writeable files
- Activities which may leak data
- The use of Sticky Intents
- Insecurely created Pending Intents
- Sending of insecure Broadcast Intents
- Private keys embedded in the source
- Weak or improper cryptography use
- Potentially exploitable WebView configurations
- Exported Preference Activities
- Tapjacking
- Apps which enable backups
- Apps which are debuggable
- Apps supporting outdated API versions, with known vulnerabilities