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A powerful and useful hacker dictionary builder for a brute-force attack.

Why I need to use pydictor ?

It always can help you:
You can use pydictor to generate a general blast wordlist, a custom wordlist based on Web content, a social engineering wordlist, and so on;
You can use the pydictor built-in tool to safe delete, merge, unique, merge and unique, count word frequency to filter the wordlist, besides, you also can specify your wordlist and use '-tool handler' to filter your wordlist.

Highly customized:
You can generate highly customized and complex wordlist by modify multiple configuration files, add your own dictionary, using leet mode, filter by length、char occur times、types of different char regex, even add customized encode scripts in /lib/encode/ folder, add your own plugin script in /plugins/ folder, add your own tool script in /tools/ folder.

Powerful and flexible configuration file parsing:
Nothing to say,skilled use and you will love it.

Great compatibility:
Whether you are using Python 2.7 version or Python 3.x version, pydictor can be run on Windows, Linux or Mac.