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A small library of powershell scripts for post exploitation that you may need or use!

Key Features:
- Reverse Shell
- Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)
- Disable Windows Defender (Needs Admin Priv Of Course)
- Get Computer Information
- Disable Input (Needs Admin Priv)
- Disable Monitor
- Exclude File Extensions (Needs Admin Priv)
- Exclude Folder (Needs Admin Priv)
- Exclude Process (Needs Admin Priv)
- Get USB History
- GPS Location (Gets The Lat & Long Then Performs A Reverse GEO Lookup & Spits Out The Exact Address)
- Grab Wifi Credentials
- Ifconfig
- List Antivirus Running
- List External IP
- Logoff
- Mayham Window Popup
- Send A Message Box
- Network Scan (Internall Scan The Network For Open Ports & IPs)
- Restart
- Rickroll
- Scare Window
- Screenshot The Screen
- Syatem Time
- Webcam List