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A Chrome Extension to track postMessage usage (url, domain and stack).

This Chrome extension monitors postMessage-listeners by showing you an indicator about the amount of listeners in the current window.

It supports tracking listeners in all subframes of the window. It also keeps track of short-lived listeners and listeners enabled upon interactions. You can also log the listener functions and locations to look them through them at a later stage by using the Log URL-option in the extension. This enables you to find hidden listeners that are only enabled for a short time inside an iframe.

It shows you the interaction between windows inside the console and will specify the windows using a path you can use yourself to replay the message.

It supports tracking communication happening between different windows, using diffwin as sender or receiver in the console.

- Supports Raven, New Relic, Rollbar, Bugsnag and jQuery wrappers and "unpacks" them to show you the real listener.
- Tries to bypass and reroute wrappers so the Devtools console will show the proper listeners.
- Allows you to set a Log URL inside the extension options.
- Supports anonymous functions.