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A proxy aware C2 framework used to aid with post-exploitation and lateral movement.

PoshC2 is primarily written in Python3 and follows a modular format to enable users to add their own modules and tools, allowing an extendible and flexible C2 framework. Out-of-the-box PoshC2 comes PowerShell/C# and Python2/Python3 implants with payloads written in PowerShell v2 and v4, C++ and C# source code, a variety of executables, DLLs and raw shellcode in addition to a Python2/Python3 payload. These enable C2 functionality on a wide range of devices and operating systems, including Windows, *nix and OSX.

Other notable features of PoshC2 include:
- Consistent and Cross-Platform support using Docker.
- Highly configurable payloads, including default beacon times, jitter, kill dates, user agents and more.
- A large number of payloads generated out-of-the-box which are frequently updated.
- Shellcode containing in-build AMSI bypass and ETW patching for a high success rate and stealth.
- Auto-generated Apache Rewrite rules for use in a C2 proxy, protecting your C2 infrastructure and maintaining good operational security.
- A modular and extensible format allowing users to create or edit C#, PowerShell or Python3 modules which can be run in-memory by the Implants.
- Notifications on receiving a successful Implant via Pushover or Slack.
- A comprehensive and maintained contextual help and an intelligent prompt with contextual auto-completion, history and suggestions.
- Fully encrypted communications, protecting the confidentiality and integrity of the C2 traffic even when communicating over HTTP.
- Client/Server format allowing multiple team members to utilise a single C2 server.
- Extensive logging. Every action and response is timestamped and stored in a database with all relevant information such as user, host, implant number etc. In - addition to this the C2 server output is directly logged to a separate file.
- PowerShell-less implants that do not use System.Management.Automation.dll using C# or Python2/Python3.
- A free and open-source SOCKS Proxy using SharpSocks
- HTTP(S) and SMB named-pipe comms for implants combined with Implant Daisy-chaining for reaching networks that do not have access to the internet