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A TCP port redirection utility that allows inbound traffic redirection.
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PortBender is a TCP port redirection utility that allows a red team operator to redirect inbound traffic destined for one TCP port (e.g., 445/TCP) to another TCP port (e.g., 8445/TCP). PortBender includes an aggressor script that operators can leverage to integrate the tool with Cobalt Strike. However, because the tool is implemented as a reflective DLL, it can integrate with any C2 framework supporting loading modules through a "ReflectiveLoader" interface. The tool also allows operators to simulate a backdoor/persistence mechanism leveraged within the "PortServ.sys" capability used by the Duqu 2.0 threat actor.

PortBender has two modes of operation:
- redirector mode: any connection to a targeted destination port (e.g., 445/TCP) is redirected to an alternative port (e.g., 8445/TCP)
- backdoor mode: it only redirects traffic if an attacker sends a specially formatted TCP packet to a target port (e.g., 443/TCP). PortBender then adds that client IP address to a list of backdoor clients and redirects all traffic to that target port to an alternative port (e.g., 3389/TCP).