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Remotely exploit Android devices using ADB and Metasploit.

Complete Automation to get a Meterpreter session in One Click
This tool can automatically Create, Install, and Run payload on the target device using Metasploit-Framework and ADB to completely hack the Android Device in one click if the device has open ADB port TCP 5555.

The goal of this project is to make penetration testing on Android devices easy. Now you don't have to learn commands and arguments, PhoneSploit Pro does it for you. Using this tool, you can test the security of your Android devices easily.

- Connect device using ADB remotely.
- List connected devices.
- Disconnect all devices.
- Access connected device shell.
- Stop ADB Server.
- Take screenshot and pull it to computer automatically.
- Screen Record target device screen for a specified time and automatically pull it to computer.
- Download file/folder from target device.
- Send file/folder from computer to target device.
- Run an app.
- Install an APK file from computer to target device.
- Uninstall an app.
- List all installed apps in target device.
- Restart/Reboot the target device to System, Recovery, Bootloader, Fastboot.
- List all files and folders of the target devices.
- Copy all WhatsApp Data to computer.
- Copy all Screenshots to computer.
- Copy all Camera Photos to computer.
- Take screenshots and screen-record anonymously (Automatically delete file from target device).
- Open a link on target device.
- Display an image/photo on target device.
- Play an audio on target device.
- Play a video on target device.
- Get device information.
- Get battery information.
- Use Keycodes to control device remotely.
- Send SMS through target device.
- Unlock device (Automatic screen on, swipe up and password input).
- Lock device.
- Dump all SMS from device to computer.
- Dump all Contacts from device to computer.
- Dump all Call Logs from device to computer.
- Extract APK from an installed app.
- Mirror and Control the target device.
- Power off the target device.
- Scan local network for connected devices to get Target IP Address.
- Record Microphone Audio.
- Stream Microphone Audio.
- Record Device Audio.
- Stream Device Audio.