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An interactive shell to perform analysis on Instagram account of any users by its nickname.

You can get:
- addrs: get all registered addressed by target photos
- captions: get user's photos captions
- comments: get total comments of target's posts
- followers: get target followers
- followings: get users followed by target
- fwersemail: get email of target followers
- fwingsemail: get email of users followed by target
- fwersnumber: get phone number of target followers
- fwingsnumber: get phone number of users followed by target
- hashtags: get hashtags used by target
- info: get target info
- likes: get total likes of target's posts
- mediatype: get user's posts type (photo or video)
- photodes: get description of target's photos
- photos: download user's photos in output folder
- propic: download user's profile picture
- stories: download user's stories
- tagged: get list of users tagged by target
- wcommented: get a list of user who commented target's photos
- wtagged: get a list of user who tagged target