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Parse OpenAPI specifications into the BurpSuite for automating RESTful API testing.

Performing security assessment of OpenAPI-based APIs can be a tedious task due to Burp Suite (industry standard) lacking native OpenAPI parsing capabilities. A solution to this situation, is to use third-party tools (e.g. SOAP-UI) or to implement custom scripts (often on a per engagement basis) to handle the parsing of OpenAPI documents and integrate/chain the results to Burp Suite to use its first class scanning capabilities.

Supported Features:
- OpenAPI documents can be parsed either from a supplied file or URL. The extension can fetch OpenAPI documents directly from a URL using the Send to Swagger Parser feature under the Target -> Site map context menu.
- Parse OpenAPI documents, formerly known as the Swagger specification, fully compliant with OpenAPI 2.0/3.0 Specifications (OAS).
- Requests can be directly viewed/edited within the extension prior to sending them to other Burp tools.
- Requests can be sent to the Comparer, Intruder, Repeater, Scanner, Site map and Scope Burp tools.
- Requests matching specific criterias (detailed in the 'Parameters' tab) can be intercepted to automatically match and replace the parsed parameters default values defined in the 'Parameters' tab. This feature allows for fine-tuning of the requests prior to sending them to other Burp tools (e.g., scanner). Edited requests can be viewed within the 'Modified Request (OpenAPI Parser)' tab of Burp's message editor.
- Row highlighting allowing pentesters to highlight "interesting" API calls and/or colour code them for reporting purposes.
- Supports both JSON and YAML formats.