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Ominis OSINT

Ominis OSINT

Perform information gathering from Google for search results related to a user query.

Goodle Search Filtering:
Take advantage of Google search by using the filtering features Country, Language, and date range.

Enhanced User Interface:
Enjoy a redesigned interface for a seamless experience, suitable for both novice and experienced users.

Expanded Digital Reconnaissance:
Conduct thorough investigations with advanced tools to gather and analyze publicly available information from diverse online sources.

Threading Optimization:
Experience faster execution times with optimized threading, improving efficiency and reducing waiting periods during username searches.

Detailed Results:
Gain comprehensive insights from search results, including detailed information extracted from various sources such as social profiles, mentions, and potential forum links.

Proxy Validation:
The tool validates proxies for secure and efficient web requests, ensuring anonymity and privacy during the search process. This feature enhances the reliability of the search results by utilizing a pool of validated proxies, mitigating the risk of IP blocking and ensuring seamless execution of the search queries.

Human-like Behavior Mimicking:
To mimic human-like behavior and avoid detection by anti-bot mechanisms, the tool randomizes user agents for each request. This helps in making the requests appear more natural and reduces the likelihood of being flagged as automated activity.

Randomized Proxy Agents:
In addition to proxy validation, the tool utilizes randomized proxy agents for each request, further enhancing user anonymity. By rotating through a pool of proxies, the tool reduces the chances of being tracked or identified by websites, thus safeguarding user privacy throughout the reconnaissance process.

Username Search:
Searches a list of URLs for a specific username. Utilizes threading for parallel execution. Provides detailed results with URL and HTTP status code.