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An all-in-one GitHub open-source intelligence framework.

- Fetches an organisation's profile information
- Fetches an oganization's events
- Returns an organisation's repositories
- Returns an organisation's public members
- Fetches a repository's information
- Returns a repository's contributors
- Returns a repository's languages
- Fetches a repository's stargazers
- Fetches a repository's forks
- Fetches a repository's releases
- Returns a list of files in a specified path of a repository
- Fetches a user's profile information
- Returns a user's gists
- Returns organisations that a user owns/belongs to
- Fetches a user's events
- Fetches a list of users followed by the target
- Fetches a user's followers
- Checks if user A follows user B
- Checks if user is a public member of an organisations
- Gets a user's subscriptions
- Searches users
- Searches repositories
- Searches topics
- Searches issues
- Searches commits
- Automatically logs network/user activity
- User can manage logs (view, read, delete)
- Results can be saved to a .csv file (varies)
- User can manage csv files
- All the above can be used with command-line arguments

And more...