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A light-weight first-stage C2 implant written in Nim.

Feature overview:
- Lightweight and configurable implant written in the Nim programming language
- Pretty web GUI that will make you look cool during all your ops
- Encryption and compression of all traffic by default, obfuscates static strings in implant artefacts
- Support for several implant types, including native binaries (exe/dll), shellcode or self-deleting executables
- Wide selection of commands focused on early-stage operations including local enumeration, file or registry management, and web interactions
- Easy deployment of more advanced functionality or payloads via inline-execute, shinject (using dynamic invocation), or in-thread execute-assembly
- Support for operations on any platform, implant only targeting x64 Windows for now
- Comprehensive logging of all interactions and file operations
- Much, much more, just see below :)