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Unleash metadata intelligence, bridging the chasm in metadata extraction and analysis.

Metadata, in the realm of cybersecurity, is more than just embedded information; it's a gateway to insightful perspectives, often unveiling crucial leads in OSINT and pentesting.

As key tools like Metagoofil on Kali Linux shifted their trajectory away from pure metadata analysis, the exigency for a robust alternative took center stage. Enter MetaDetective.

Tailored Metadata Analysis:
Drawing inspiration from the foundational tools like Metagoofil, MetaDetective emerges as a revitalized and improved iteration, dedicated to providing efficient metadata extraction and presentation. It stands out as a comprehensive Python 3 tool, purposely designed to bridge the existing gaps in metadata analysis.

Streamlined Data Presentation:
Beyond mere extraction, MetaDetective prides itself on its capability to meticulously categorize and showcase metadata. Whether dealing with an individual file or an array of them, the tool ensures users grasp the entire spectrum of data, both in its breadth and depth.

Web Scraping:
While Metagoofil once leaned on Google searches—a method riddled with IP restrictions and the labyrinth of proxy workarounds—MetaDetective pioneers a path with direct web scraping. By targeting sites directly, it sidesteps disruptions, delivering a dataset that's not just richer, but also more precise, spotlighting potential data leaks.

Complementary Utility for OSINT and Pentesting:
Although it is now independent and offers its own functions, including scraping, MetaDetective isn't just a standalone behemoth. It's crafted for seamless integration and synergy with tools like Metagoofil. A quintessential addition to every pentester's and OSINT researcher's toolkit, MetaDetective magnifies data acquisition prowess and broadens the horizons of analysis.