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Linux enumeration tool for pentesting and CTFs with verbosity levels.

This shell script will show relevant information about the security of the local Linux system, helping to escalate privileges.

From version 2.0 it is mostly POSIX compliant and tested with shellcheck and posh.

It can also monitor processes to discover recurrent program executions. It monitors while it is executing all the other tests so you save some time. By default it monitors during 1 minute but you can choose the watch time with the -p parameter.

It has 3 levels of verbosity so you can control how much information you see.

In the default level you should see the highly important security flaws in the system. The level 1 (./ -l1) shows interesting information that should help you to privesc. The level 2 (./ -l2) will just dump all the information it gathers about the system.